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These are the breed standards for our Schnauzers according to the Australian National Kennel Council . Australia follows the breed standards given by the UK Kennel Council. All three breeds of Schnauzers are judged in the Utility Group (Group 6).

Schnauzer Giant * Schnauzer * Schnauzer Miniature

The Federation Cynologique Internationale or FCI is the World Canine Organisation. Under the FCI, the Schnauzers belong to Group 2 Section 1: Pinscher and Schnauzer Type. The FCI follows the breed standard given by the country of origin of the breed – in our case Germany. To view the breed standards please visit the Federation Cynologique Internationale.



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Puppy Register:       Angus McIlrath       [email protected]            0418 731-858

Obedience:              Deidree Anderson   [email protected]  (02) 9613-8401

Rescue:                    Glenda Renshaw   [email protected]